Agoura Engineering Circle

Welcome to the Agoura Engineering Circle. Usually Mathematics and Computer programming, the two most universal languages, are taught independent of each other or they're taught one after the other. As part of Agoura Engineering Circle, we’re trying to combine these two universal languages and solve some interesting problems. We’ll start out our journey by introducing basic programming concepts like branching, iteration, modular coding and data structures while solving mathematics problems that most students can understand but not necessarily solve by hand easily. This type of interdisciplinary learning helps in learning two things at the same time along with reinforcing any prior knowledge. Once everyone has achieved some proficiency in programming, we’ll move on to solving artificial intelligence and machine learning challenges. The goal of this program is to help students:

  • Achieve Proficiency in programming.
  • Gain familiarity with programming tools (like IDLE and GitHub)
  • Develop team spirit.
  • Increase confidence to tackle problems in a logical and algorithmic fashion.
  • AEC Curriculum

    Class style: Classes will be in interactive style involving discussions and coding either individually or as a team. Instead of striving towards finishing certain amount of material in each class, we’ll work towards certain milestones. Each milestone involves writing a few programs individually or as a team. If all students finish a milestone then we move on to next milestone. Else we will continue working towards same milestone next class. In case we finish a milestone too soon in one class, we’ll explore some fun mathematics ideas like debunking or verifying math in movies or watching numberphile and discussing about it or other math or programming fun stuff! Regarding mode of instruction, we’ll start off each milestone by first solving a problem mathematically and then trying to code the same. We’ll work on multiple solutions of certain problems and code each solution to introduce various programming ideas.

  • Milestone 1: Introduction to Variables, If Else, Looping and functions
  • Milestone 2: Introduction to Lists and Functions
  • Milestone 3: Introduction to recursion and optimization strategies
  • Milestone 4: Handling data and may be using APIs
  • Milestone 5: Introduction to searching and sorting algorithms
  • Milestone 6: First individual project: Predicting success of a movie
  • Milestone 7: First team project: Finding best shopping deals

  • Assessment:
  • In class assessment: We’ll monitor each student’s progress in class based on their completion of coding of in class assignments by reviewing their GitHub submissions.
  • Home work: Depending on topic, we will either give a homework problem or two for programming or will not have any homework.
  • Execution time: Both classwork practice and homework problems will be assessed for execution time. Fastest program will be best.

  • AEC Team

    Karthik - UCSB

    Andrew Xu-MIT

    Malleswari - IIT

    Sriya Kalyan - Agoura High

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