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Barnypok Date: 06 Jan 2017

I am here to express my happiness with Agoura math circle program. Both of my kids Shriya & Thanya Rajesh first grader & fifth grader are enrolled . Your program has been a fun way to move ahead in math. They both are learning higher grade level math now. The feedback about the kids are almost instantaneous which we liked the most.They both themselves noticed their ability in doing math word problems accurately & their confident level increased a lot in school .They themselves got motivated to participate in lots of math competitions like math kangaroo,NSF,AMC 8,10…Before my elder daughter won’t do much steps while solving problems,now she is solving her problems step by step. She is trying to improve her way of presentation.Kids are encouraged to solve infront of the class which increases the kids courage to talk infront of others & reducing their shyness.Pranav is very friendly.They feel like they were learning from their friend,so there is no fear in asking any doubts & to discuss the problem . Overall, WE LOVE AGOURA MATH CIRCLE.

Subashini Rajesh Date: 20 Apr 2016

Agoura math circle is the best. They helped my son find out and work with his full potential. He became really interested in math. Thank you.

Suchitra Joshi Date: 17 Apr 2016

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