Agoura Engineering Circle

Welcome to the Agoura Engineering Circle. Usually Mathematics and Computer programming, the two most universal languages, are taught independent of each other or they're taught one after the other. As part of Agoura Engineering Circle, we are trying to combine these two universal languages and solve some interesting problems. We will start out our journey by introducing basic programming concepts like branching, iteration, modular coding and data structures while solving mathematics problems that most students can understand but not necessarily solve by hand easily. This type of interdisciplinary learning helps in learning two things at the same time along with reinforcing any prior knowledge. Once everyone has achieved some proficiency in programming, we will move on to solving artificial intelligence and machine learning challenges. The goal of this program is to help students:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Using Python

Imagine building a self-driving car and having to program exactly how to turn right at every right turn in the world. Sometimes, there may be people around the corner, it may be raining or another car might be close behind. Programming all these situations explicitly is almost impossible. Instead these programs learn based on previously known "good" states and adapt to the new situations. In this course, we will learn to program an intelligent application, specifically, predicting the success of a movie. We’ll do this as a four-part, 90-hour course consisting of 36 sessions:

AEC Team

Andrew Xu (MIT) - Director

Karthik(USCB) - Vice President

Malleswari(IIT) - Coordinator

Sriya Kalyan(AHS) - Coordinator

Nithya(BITS) - Coordinator

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Curriculum URL :Introduction to AI
Starting Date: June 27, 2020
Location: Online
Schedule: Alternate Saturdays 9:30am - 12:00pm.
Duration: 2 Years
Semester: Fall and Spring
Starting Date: June 27, 2020
Upcoming Meeting: June 27, July 11, July 25, Aug 8, Aug 22, Sep 5, Sep 19, Oct 3, Oct 15, Oct 31, Nov 14 , Dec 5, Dec 19
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Pre-requisites: Good understanding of basic mathematical concepts (no higher than 8th grade level or taught in Senior Intermediate level at Agoura Math Circle). Also, students have to get their own desktops or laptops to program.