VIRTUAL students have access to the same class material as the onsite students. The class material includes lecture notes, classwork, quiz, and homework. We provide the solutions and answer keys to quiz, classwork and homework the following week. Parents can download these and work with their students. We encourage kids to watch Youtube videos uploaded for each session.

Scoring for onsite students is done for quiz, classwork and homework (from previous session). The scores are uploaded before the next class. Scoring for VIRTUAL students is not done at this time as we do not have enough resources for it.

The classes start at 2pm and end at 5pm. We begin each class with a quiz from last session and then start with new topic for the day. Class test is done after this. Break for 15 min varies between 3:15pm to 3:45pm for each class. Post break, the class test is reviewed till end of class.

We do not accept cash donations. Donations through check are preferred. You may also donate using Paypal here. Please note Paypal deducts a 3% fee on all donations.

Please register as volunteer here. Once registered please speak to someone at the desk before each session regarding your interest and availability. We are always looking for volunteers for correcting homework, quiz and classwork during onsite class sessions.

Please talk to the class coordinator during onsite class. We can move your child to upper/lower classes if needed. We want our students to be challenged and learn new concepts.

Do not ask about how much they scored. Instead ask if they understand the concepts during the reviews. New concepts are covered in each class and understanding these is more important than scores.

Please come at 1:30 PM on the day of each session to M12 class near front desk. Our student volunteer will be available to help them.

Yes, we do organize AMC 8, Kangaroo Maths and Geometry bee each year. We encourage students to participate in these.

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