Agoura Math Circle is proud to introduce its groundbreaking initiative, the "Satellite Program," aimed at collaborating with schools/educational institutions, students, and teachers with a shared passion for problem-solving using mathematics and computer science on a global scale. As part of this initiative, we would create a platform for students and teachers and help build a club or study circle or enrichment classes in their respective schools/educational institutions. We will offer a range of resources, including online study material, live lectures, interactive workshops, access to a diverse team of expert mentors. Our program's curriculum will cover a wide spectrum of mathematical and computer science topics, from foundational concepts to cutting-edge problem-solving techniques.

Together, we believe in the transformative power of education to build a more equitable and inclusive world, where the joy of problem-solving is accessible to all at no cost. Together, we can inspire the problem solvers of tomorrow and drive positive change across the globe.

For further information about the Satellite Program, please contact :

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