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The Agoura Math Circle is a student-run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service organization founded by Pranav Kalyan in September 2015. Eastern European math circle culture was the inspirational source for Agoura Math Circle to bring like minded math lovers together. For the first few years the medium of instructions was provided by math enthusiasts: educators, parent volunteers and extraordinary students. Eventually a strong knowledge base was formed with highly competitive study material and Agoura Math Circle students who finished the program started taking over. Today we are proud to call ourselves a student run program.


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Agoura Math Circle is a community service initiative offering a free educational program with a primary focus on cultivating problem-solving skills that carves a path for the students to succeed in both academics and beyond. Our goal is to create a strong mathematical foundation for kids to maximize their critical thinking potential and motivate them to aim for greater heights in their careers. The organization offers diverse learning opportunities to cater to students' varying interests such as engineering, computer science, and problem solving for national math competitions such as AMC and Math Kangaroo. Additionally we hold monthly seminars from highly qualified STEM professionals and prepare students for standardized testing. Currently, we provide both online and on-site programs for the Math Circle and online classes for Engineering Circle, Test Preparation and Triangular Talks. Our latest addition is the Satellite program collaborating with non profit organizations worldwide to impart and promote the problem solving skills..
In summary, the Agoura Math Circle, founded on the principles of education, empowerment, and community service, strives to equip students with the essential skills and confidence needed for academic excellence and success in life, all while fostering a love for mathematics and problem-solving.