To register an existing student, navigate to the dashboard and check the reenrollment option for existing students during the registration window. For new students, complete the form, and the system will automatically add them to the wait-list. Screening profiles and allocating spots are based on availability. Watch Video

Yes, registration is mandatory for both new and existing students every semester.

The registration window typically opens in July to August for the Fall semester and December to January for the Spring semester. Registration links are emailed and available on the website. Due to high demand, early registration is advised.

Yes, our system supports multiple students with a single account using a unique email. For parents registering multiple children, a single email can be used. Different IDs are required only if students play different roles in the same semester.

Check your spam folder for login credentials.If not present, try logging in with your registered email ID and use the "forgot password" to reset your password.

Reset your password using the "forgot password" option. If the problem persists, email

Login with student/parent credentials, click on "Class Materials," and locate the homework section.

Yes, class materials are periodically published for every session on the website under "Class Material." Each session includes the following materials:
Quiz: Will be posted exactly at 2 pm PST on the session day
Lecture Notes: Posted 1-2 days prior to the session
Class Work: Posted 1-2 days prior to the session
Classwork Solution: Posted after the session
Homework: Posted after the session
Answer Key: Posted after the session
Watch Video

For onsite, coordinators manage scores. For online, parents play a vital role in entering the scores into the student report in the website. Watch Video

Look out for emails from for registration information.

Inform the class coordinator via the website message center to mark the student absent. Support will be provided to catch up in the following class. Watch Video

Bring it to the next class.

No, the class material and structure are the same. The only difference is parent involvement in correcting and entering scores for the online program.

Watch relevant YouTube videos and review class materials beforehand. Lecture notes and class work are available 1-2 days before the session.

Carry stationary supplies. Onsite students bring homework and online students print quiz, lecture Notes, and classwork.

Onsite - Email the class coordinator via the website message center. Watch Video Online - Parents can make the necessary corrections to the score. Watch Video

The classes start at 2pm and end at 5pm PST.
2pm - We begin each class with a 15 mins quiz based on last session topic
2.15pm - Lecture Notes- Start with a new topic for the day
3.00pm - Classwork - Kids work indvidually or in groups to solve the problems
3.45pm - Break
4.00pm - Classwork Solutions - The Instructors explain the solutions for each problem
5.00pm - Class ends

We welcome parents and high school students to volunteer. It takes a village to run a free program like this without compromising the high standards of the organization. We encourage students to complete Senior Advance class before signing up as a volunteer. Register using the following link: Volunteer Registration Student volunteers - If you have already signed up for a learning program and have a student account , use a different email id while signing up as a volunteer. Parents volunteers - If you already have an account for kid(s), use a different id to sign up for the volunteer registration.

Student volunteers are available from 1.30 pm to provide necessary help.

Yes, contact the class coordinator with your concerns.

Encourage them to go through class material, finish homework, and consider volunteering.

Yes, only when sick or out of station. Inform the coordinator for the Zoom link.

Yes, only when sick or out of station. Inform the coordinator for the Zoom link.

We highly encourage the high school students to clock their hours for service hours. Watch Video

VIRTUAL students have access to the same class material as the onsite students. The class material includes lecture notes, classwork, quiz, and homework. We provide the solutions and answer keys to quiz, classwork and homework the following week. Parents can download these and work with their students. We encourage kids to watch Youtube videos uploaded for each session.

We do not accept cash donations. Donations through check are preferred. You may also donate using Paypal here. Please note Paypal deducts a 3% fee on all donations.

Please talk to the class coordinator during onsite class. We can move your child to upper/lower classes if needed. We want our students to be challenged and learn new concepts.

Yes, we do organize AMC 8, Kangaroo Maths and Geometry bee each year. We encourage students to participate in these.